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Artist Statement


My artistic practice revolves around the creation of silicone paintings that draw inspiration from the vibrant Miami lifestyle. Through my stylized contemporary interpretations, I aim to capture the essence of water, the ocean, and its fluid energy using silicone and resins as my primary materials. Each artwork becomes a visual reflection of the movement and textures inherent in the water, with a particular emphasis on its mesmerizing translucency.

In my creative process, I wield a caulk gun as my brush, allowing the silicone to drip onto panels and form intricate, three-dimensional line drawings. This technique grants me the freedom to manipulate the silicone, creating lines of varying thickness, width, length, and curvature. By strategically directing the flow of silicone, I construct captivating patterns that build up textured patches throughout my paintings. Through meticulous exploration of composition and motion within these patterns, I seek to evoke a sense of dynamic energy.

Additionally, I employ other sculptural techniques, treating the silicone as a malleable ball of clay. With careful precision, I mold the material using my hands and fingers, creating deliberate indentations that enhance the tactile qualities of the artwork. The incorporation of carefully mixed colors in the resins contributes to a glossy, liquid finish that adds depth and visual richness to each painting.

Central to my artistic vision is the pursuit of organization and control over these materials. By mastering the esthetic characteristics of silicone and resins, I strive to communicate a new concept of textured art that encapsulates the movement and intricate visual patterns intrinsic to the study of water and its rhythmic properties.

Ultimately, my artistic journey aims to capture the viewer's imagination, transporting them to a realm where they can experience the captivating allure of the ocean in all its dynamic splendor. Through my silicone paintings, I invite audiences to embark on a sensory exploration that transcends traditional artistic boundaries, revealing a new realm of textured expression and profound visual engagement.

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