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Artist Statement


My Silicone paintings are influenced by the Miami lifestyle, depicting stylized contemporary interpretations of water, the ocean and crashing waves using Silicone and resins as my materials. My works reflect and mimic movement and textures of the ocean and it's translucent qualities. I use a caulk-gun as my brush to drip silicone onto panels forming 3-dimensional line drawings. With the silicone dripping method I am able to create lines that are skinny, wide, long, and short. Some areas are blocked in with strategic dripping patterns building patches of silicone textures throughout my paintings. I explore different compositions and motion using my dripping techniques within these patterns. Other techniques have more sculptural characteristics using the silicone as a ball of clay, molding it carefully with my hands and fingers to make indentations within the material. Colors are mixed in the resins creating a glossy liquid finnish to every painting. My work is about organization and control of the materials. My goal is to further explore the esthetic characteristics of these materials and to communicate a new concept of textured art expressing movement and rich visual patterns within the study of water and its rhythm.

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