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Enrique Machado, resides and works in Miami, Florida. He started the arts in 4th grade when he was encouraged to apply for a Visual Arts Magnet Program at South Miami Elementary School. Machado continued his studies onto other art magnet programs such as South Miami Middle School, Design and Architecture High school and graduated from New world School of the Arts in 2004. He then was awarded a scholarship to Kansas City Art Institute and joined the sculpture department which gave him the platform and freedom to explore different materials.


It wasn't until 2007 that he discovered a new passion for a certain material called silicone. The artist was intrigued by its slick texture and the organic strings of rubber. Naturally, he combined his passion for painting with his curiosity of silicone and traded in the paint-brush for a caulk-gun. 


Painting with silicone made sense to Machado and became an obsession. Even the action of painting took new meaning and had become a performance on its own. Through the years he had experimented with different application techniques and learned many ways of using the media as a voice for his art.


Enrique Machado is among one of Miami's new generation of upcoming young talents. He has gained local attention from collectors, critics, and art fairs. He has had essays written by independant art critic Carlos Suarez De Jesus, Triennial Miami's Director/ Museologist/ Curator Jorge Luis Gutierrez, and Miami artist Sergio Garcia. 


Machado has shown at "Spectrum Miami Art Fair"(Art Basel Week), "LMNT Gallery", "Gallery 212", "1310 Gallery", "The Hangar Gallery", "Ave 74 Gallery", Flagler Art Space gallery", and "Buena Vista Gallery".

Enrique Machado Silicone Art painting
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