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By: Sergio Garcia



Enrique Machado's works are an act of energy, irony, and rythm. Together they form a balanced state of peace and serenity to the viewer. His use of silicone gives the illusion of waves comming towards the spectator. There is a feeling of chaos vs. structure, destruction vs. construction, movement vs. stillness. In machado's work, life is affirming in its resonance with spiritural preservation and renewal. His materials and subjects become part of a reconciliation story. Machado's vision is made up of opposites that collapse under the scrutiny of the ocean's macro world view and microscopic vision. He unpacks one of life's symbols  and repackages them into a form that allows us to see what has been happening all along. His engagement with his materials helps to weave into the consciousness of the viewer. We are seduced by the artistry of the media. It is this kind of serious engagement with craft that is too often seen as superficial trickery. In Machado's case this couldn't be further from the truth.

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